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About us
Splitlicious is a local travel expert, travel agency represent by a company Inviso Spalatrum d.o.o., Vinkovačka 21, 21000 Split.
Splitlicious provides an online platform that offers variety of TRAVEL SERVICES including:
  • accommodations to rent,
  • booking of private and group excursions and adventures,
  • organizing travel packages,
  • providing transfer services.
All our Services are accessible at web page www.splitlicious.com or at our office.
Company: Splitlicious Experiences / Inviso Spalatrum d.o.o.
Mobile phone: +385 91 912 0225
WhatsApp: +385 91 912 0225
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ID code: HR- AB-21- 060292420
OIB: 98461794866
IBAN: HR 6424020061101223968